Cooler Master V10 cpu cooler review - Conclusion
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Sunday, 26 April 2009 21:10
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Cooler Master V10 cpu cooler review
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Cooler Master amazed me once again with the V10 cooler, they probably made the best air-cooling system available throughout the globe. It is really massive and yes, it proves that size does matter! V10 features some innovations like Hybrid TEC technology which greatly improves cooling at high thermal loads. And although it is huge, is well designed and does not interfere with anything. Only dissantvantage is that if we forget to install memory before the cooler, we will have to remove it!


The V10 design is also nice because it does not only cool the processor, but also all the other components like northbridge and ram. Fans are noise when running at full speed, but they are PWM so this happens only at heavy loads. Price is also a bit high (134$ USD at Amazon), but the high performance makes this worth every last cent!



  • Performance
  • Innovation
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Compatibility with latest Lga1336
  • TEC starts only when needed(prevents condensation and reduces power consumption)



  • Noisy at full speed
  • Size
  • I would like to see a full tube of ThermaFusion 400 and not a sampler...


In fact Cooler Master V10 is the best air cooler I have ever tested, with many innovations, nice design and above all extreme performance!This is why V10 will get a dozen of awards, starting with:


Editors Choice Award because it is the best air cooler available




Innovation award because it uses Hybrid TEC technology and the desing cools not only the cpu but also ram and NB




Design award because a cooler like V10 has very attractive design








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