Cooler Master V10 cpu cooler review - TEC technology
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Sunday, 26 April 2009 21:10
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Cooler Master V10 cpu cooler review
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TEC's are also known as Peltier modules,or thermoelectric coolers.Thermoelectric is the effect of direct conversion of temperature differences to electricity and vice versa. A thermoelectric device creates electricity when there is temperature difference at its two sides, and vice versa when electricity is applied the device temperature difference.

How a TEC is made?

TEC has 2 ceramic plates, with semiconductors in the middle. Some times it is sealed around to prevent moisture damage. Also it has 2 cables for power.


How it works?

The TEC work with 2 ways:

  • For cooling objects such as laser diodes,electronic equipment etc
  • For electricity generation¬†

How it generates electricity?

When there is temperature difference at the 2 sides of the TEC, then it generates electricity. For example if we get a TEC and touch the one side with our palm, electricity will be generated because our hand is hotter that the other side of the TEC. The more the temperature difference, the more electricity is produced.


How it is used for cooling?

TEC does not produce "cold", it acts as a heat pump. It moves the heat from its one side to the other. During this the hot side needs to be cooled down because a TEC produces massive amounts of heat. Every TEC has a maximum temperature difference it can reach, for example a TEC with a max temp difference of 20 degrees will always have the cold side 20 degrees lower than the hot.This is why a TEC efficiency is linked with the effectiveness of the cooling system that cools the TEC. This is the reason why we can't use with wattage TEC's in order to cool cpu's or vga's, they would require massive heatsinks or watercooling systems.


What advantages a TEC has?

  • It can achieve zubzero temperatures
  • It has compact size


What are the dissantvantages?

  • Massive heat output that requires huge heatsinks
  • It is not thermally conductive and if it stops getting power the component that cools will burn
  • Short lifetime
  • Subzero temperatures can cause condensation and this can be possibly dangerous
  • They require very strong power supplies


Now that we have some background info on the technology V10 uses, we can move on to the packaging!

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