Apacer's New DDR2-800 4GB Unbuffered DIMM- Press Release
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Tuesday, 28 April 2009 13:59
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Taiwan, April 28th, 2009 - Apacer, a leading manufacturer specialized in
memory modules, has formally launched its 4GB high capacity DDR2-800
Unbuffered DIMM. The new product uses major 2Gb chipsets and can help all
64-bit operating systems to their full potential. It will allow high-end
desktop computers and workstations to achieve a very high level of
performance and complete complex image processing and memory-demanding
computing work quickly.

Normal desktops use 32-bit operating systems and can support a memory
capacity of 3.5GB at most, whether they are running the 32-bit versions of
Windows XP or Vista. As a result, they are unable to run certain
image or data processing work. To solve this problem, there are high-end
desktops and workstations which use 64-bit operating systems such as 64-bit
versions of Windows Vista, Windows Server and Linux. Apacer's 4GB DDR2-800
memory module is designed to bring the prowess of computers with 64-bit
operating systems into full play, allowing these 64-bit systems to handle
complicated computing work stably and smoothly.


Apacer has many years of experience specializing in the memory module
markets of personal computers, servers and workstations. It has developed
various specifications and technologies in specialized memory modules. All
its products have to go through stringent environment tests (tests under
high and low temperatures and pressures for a long time) and motherboard
reviews. The products have passed platform tests of major manufacturers and
are highly compatible and stable working with various operating systems,
meeting the demands of servers and workstations. Apacer guarantees
the quality of its products in terms of enhanced stability and
compatibility. It also provides professional customized services to help
customers create the best possible products.


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