NesteQ FanMax fan controller review
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Friday, 08 May 2009 16:40
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NesteQ FanMax fan controller review
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We have seen some NesteQ products in the past, like SilentFreezer 1200 and SilentFreezer 900. Both showed that despite new, NesteQ has what it takes to deal with the competition. But buyers don't only want psu's and cpu coolers, they also want some accessories. So NesteQ has released a fan speed controller!


We are talking for NesteQ FanMax controller, with 2 individual zones, and a capacity of 8 fans! The minimalistic design and low price make this very attractive!





Let's have a look at the features and specifications!

Taken from NesteQ website:


FanMax fan controller is the ideal device to control and adjust the revolutions of your fans in your whole computer system. You can turn either of the “Cooling Zones” off, when any of them is not necessary. Therefore you can minimize the noise development efficiently.

You can easily set up two different “Cooling Zones”, each of which consists of up to four fans. You can easily switch either “Cooling Zone” on or off , independently or simultaneously, so you can tailor-make two different cooling profiles for your system.

Each connected fan, depending on your settings and requirements, can be precisely adjusted from 6 up to 12 volt input. Whether full or low power performance from your installed fans is all under your control.

FanMax comes with all necessary cables to connect up to 8 fans with standard 3-Pin or PWM connector. All you need is an unused 5.25” bay for your computer case, and you are ready to go.

  • Aluminum front bezel available in silver or black color
  • Up to 8 fans under control simultaneously
  • Easy setup with two separate “Cooling Zones”
  • LEDs to indicate on/off state of each “Cooling Zone”
  • Each “Cooling Zone” able to be turned on or off independently
  • Precise 6 to 12 volt adjustment range for each connected fan
  • Compatible to fans with 3-Pin or PWM connector


Dimensions (L x W x H)
Suitable for
Cable length
Connector type
78mm x 149mm x 43mm
Standard 5.25" slot
Aluminum, Plastic
Silver or Black (NFS2108S / NFS2108B)
600 mm
3-Pin & PWM compatible
2 blue LEDs for main switches (“Cooling Zones”), 8 LEDs for fan monitoring
Rated voltage (output)
6 ~ 12 volt
Rated voltage (input)
DC 12 volt (4-Pin standard molex)
Model no.
NFS2108S (Silver bezel)
NFS2108B (Black bezel)

Now we can have a look at the packaging!


At the front we can see the FanMax controller at the 2 available colours, and the NesteQ logo.



The back side has the features at many languages


At the side we can see the specifications


Inside the box we can see the FanMax protected in antistatic wrapping


Besides FanMax we can find a manual, and 2 screws to install the fan controller.


Let's have a closer look!


We can see the FanMax from the front, and we can notice the 2 master switches for the 2 zones, and the 8 controllers for the fan(s) speed.


From another point of view, we can see the finish.It is from brushed black anodized aluminium.


From behind we can have a look at the pcb, and the cables that come off. Also we can notice the 2 mosfets with the heatsinks.


Installation is very easy, we insert the controller in one 5.25" slot and secure it with the 2 screws.It looks pretty nice, and is doing exactly what a fan controller is supposed to without any features to make it more expensive or fancy(lcd screen,card reader).


Here we can see the voltage, from min to max and again back to min speed.It is ~6-12volts.


FanMax is a high quality fan controller that combines nice minimalistic look and offers exactly what we want from a fan controller!It would be nice to have and speed readings, but this would raise the cost and is not necessary for the most people. Leds are very bright for me, but not at the point to consider them annoying. 



  • High quality
  • Nice finishing
  • Price



  • Leds are very bright

"For the nice, simple look,the low price and the very usefull 2 zones function, FanMax is given the Editors Choice award..."









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