Apacer's New Product Packaging for Memory Cards and DRAM Modules- Press Release
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Written by David
Thursday, 14 May 2009 20:24
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Taiwan, May 14th, 2009 - The economic turmoil has aroused public concern,
resulting in relatively less attention paid to environmental issues by most
enterprises and the populace. However, global warming is ongoing.
Environmental sustainability is as important ever as survival for modern
enterprises. As a global leader in memory products, Apacer, in an effort to
recall people’s attention to environmental protection, has taken an
initiative by announcing new packages for its memory cards and DRAM
modules,and will phase-in in the different markets starting from May.
Environment-friendly, totally innoxious and recyclable for reuse, the PET
contributes to a maximum decrease in package by 58%. Apacer has maintained
its consistent commitment to quality, and continued to provide the best
protection for its products while minimizing package size.

Smaller Packages as the Key Environment Protection
“Environmental concern is an important philosophy for our product package
design,” says Grace Lo, Head of Commodity Department, “Do not
underestimate the package size of memory products. The packages of all
products sold by the memory industry in one year imposed a huge burden on
the environment. A small innovative design may work out well.” Therefore,
Apacer has taken the lead by making every effort to minimize packaging size
on a premise of providing adequate protection for its products. The package
of its flash memory cards has decreased by another 30% this year, following
a 30% decrease in 2008. The package for its DRAM modules has had an even
greater decrease of 58%.

Innoxious Substance Relaxes the Burden on Environment
The environment-friendly PET used for the new package is not only highly
enduring but also completely recyclable. Even burnt or dissolved, the PET
does not generate any hazardous substance, making it the ideal choice for
product package. In response to the decarburization campaign to spark
consumers’ interests, the visual design of the new package features
different layers of green, which highlights the trustworthiness of Apacer
products. Elegantly shaped with simple lines, the design delivers
newly-positioned branding concept: A Trustworthy Innovator. Apacer believes
that a trustworthy brand should focus first on its own responsibility. Even
the slightest detail is worth our attention, as long as it brings positive
change to the environment.

Best Performance and Protection: Antivirus software free of charge for
Apacer Professional Series
Apacer is committed to protecting your information security as well as the
environment. The new package delivers fresh customer experiences. Customers
that purchase the new Professional series memory cards can download leading
antivirus software Norton Internet Security 2009 with 60 days of free use.

For more information and images of the new packaging, please click here.

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