Apacer's New Wireless Laser Mouse - Press Release
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Written by David
Friday, 29 May 2009 18:00
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Taiwan, May 28th, 2009 - Apacer, the global leader in memory modules and
digital storage hardware and software, today launched its revolutionary
series of the M811 and M821 2.4G Wireless Laser Mouse. With its corporate
goal to Access the Best, Apacer has gone beyond its current storage product
line with bringing its customers digital peripheral products which are
meeting the latest PC and notebook user trends. Not only is Apacer’s M811/M821 2.4G Wireless Laser Mouse ergonomically designed and provides
comfortable handling, it also works on any virtually surface. The new
seriesof Wireless Laser Mouse allows high resolution at 800 and 1600 CPI for user
selection. M821 is most ideal for business users seeking a well designed
Wireless Laser Mouse; whereas the ultra-mini M811 will become the best
choice for business travelers seeking the highest level of mobility in
theirdigital peripherals.

Sensitive: Highly Nimble Laser Precision
Utilizing the most advanced laser technology available in a Wireless Laser
Mouse in today’s market. Apacer’s innovative M811 and M821 Wireless
Laser Mouse go way beyond the LED technology used in any optical mouse today, and
give 20 times higher tracking performance than that of an optical mouse.
The up-to-the-moment Apacer M811/M821 2.4G Wireless Laser Mouse offers highly
sensitive laser precision and can be used on any surface, including wood,
cloth, acrylic, and many other types.

Small: World’s Tiniest USB Receiver
Apacer holds patent on the electronic device on the USB connector.* With
this patent, Apacer designed and developed the world’s smallest USB
receiver. It is so tiny that the users can plug in and forget about the USB
drive, giving on-the-go users the highest level of convenience. Not only is
Apacer’s USB receiver small in size; Apacer’s M811 2.4G Wireless Laser
Mouse is also ultra-mini in size. The M811 2.4G Wireless Laser Mouse will
surely become the premier choice among users who require a high level of
mobility in their computing needs.

Smart: Intelligent 800/1600 CPI
Apacer’s M811 and M821 2.4G Wireless Laser Mouse is designed with a
convenient button for cursor speed selection of 800 or 1600 CPI. The
creative design of the speed switch button makes it easy for any user to
adjust the tracking speed of the mouse to meet individual needs. Users who
look for a mouse to meet their computer gaming needs would find the 1600
CPI setting most suitable to their needs; whereas the 800 CPI setting will be
popular among users who have digital graphic processing needs, such as
digital painting or image editing.

Saving: Unique Power-Saving Switch
Apacer’s M811 and M821 2.4G Wireless Laser Mouse series products are
equipped with an innovative and unique power switch including sleep mode
selection. Preserve power to a maximum of battery life, up to six hours per
day for six months.

*Apacer holds patent technology on electronic device on USB connector in
the United States, China, and Taiwan.

For more information about the M811, please click here.
For more information about the M821, please click here.

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