NesteQ ASM Xzero 500w review - Conclusion
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Tuesday, 21 July 2009 17:35
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NesteQ once more produced a product which will attract many buyers because passive and semi-passive products are very rare to find and most of them are simply not good.The semi-passive idea is much better than a 100% passive since a power supply would never be able to stay cool without active cooling at some times. This is how ASM Xzero works, when it gets hot the fan starts until the temp drops, then it stops again. The fast transfer of the generated heat is done with two heatpipes that take away fast and effectively the heat.


Additional features like the power monitoring panel and the EECS cables are also very useful. The only bad thing about ASM Xzero 500w is the price...with an MSRP of 119 euros for 500w it can be considered very expensive. But passive and semi-passive computer parts have always been really expensive so this is not unusual.


I was also impressed with the high efficiency.To be honest I never expected the claimed "Up to 89% efficiency" to be truth...But it is! I measured up to 88% efficiency, while the efficiency graph always stayed above 82%. The ASM Xzero 500w also has very tight voltage regulation and all voltages are within ATX specifications even and at 100% load at the synthetic test where most power supplies suffer from severe voltage drop.



So...If you want a very stable and reliable semi-passive power supply with many features and high efficiency ASM Xzero series from NesteQ is for you!



  • Nice looking
  • Low noise
  • The most advanced semi-passive psu in the market
  • High efficiency at all loads
  • High quality
  • NesteQ patented cable extension system
  • Power monitoring panel
  • Rich bundle



  • Price is high



"NesteQ ASM Xzero 500w is given the "Editors Choice" award for being one of the best semi-passive power supplies, and the "Green award" for its high efficiency...







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