Apacer's New 8GB DDR3 Server Memory Module
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Written by David
Saturday, 19 September 2009 10:34
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Taiwan, September 16th, 2009 – Apacer, the professional leader in memory modules, announces today its 'DDR3 Server Memory Module' series available in 8GB and 4GB options to satisfy the needs of current server operation in the high-intensity environment. The development of high-capacity memory module series and adoption of Apacer’s latest ECC Registered DIMM module help stabilize data processing on the server as well as the workstation. The built-in thermal sensor, in addition, delivers the best energy-saving advantage to the business by optimizing system power consumption and slashing corporate operating cost. 


Apacer’s new launch of ECC Registered DIMM series, available in 8GB and 4GB high-capacity options, can improve server’s operating efficiency by a large margin with its advanced 50-nanometer process chip dedicated to the server. Overall data processing performance of the server and the workstation is accordingly upgraded. In response to the global trends of energy-saving and environment protection, Apacer introduces its 'DDR3 Server Memory Module' series with built-in thermal sensor. It monitors temperature variation at any time during module operation, thereby optimizing energy-saving and preventing system failure caused by overheating to minimize system power consumption for the server.

On the strength of years of experience in server/workstations product segment, Apacer Technology has developed a wide range of memory module specifications for memory modules dedicated to servers. All products have undergone stringent environmental testing (including high/low temperature and high/low voltage tests) and on-board testing, and have been verified by the platforms of major manufacturers. The memory modules demonstrate excellent compatibility and stability when applied to the host system, meeting the requirements of server workstations. With insistence on offering quality products with high reliability and compatibility as well as sound customization service, Apacer Technology is committed to delivering impeccable product performance for customers.

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