Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus vga cooler
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Thursday, 27 January 2011 00:00
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Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus vga cooler
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Todays VGA cards produce massive amounts of heat.The high end can produce more than 200 watts. This requires powerful cooling components in order to reduce the temps and even have room for overclocking. Despite the stock vga coolers are pretty good, everyone wants lower temps that will allow some overclocking, and of course lower noise. We will have a look at Arctic Cooling Accelero Xtreme Plus, which is probably the best vga cooler in the market.






All data is taken from Arctic Cooling website


he Accelero Xtreme Plus is the most powerful cooling solution for high end VGA boards from ATI and nVIDIA. Featuring different accessory sets with various mounting plates, the cooler fits a wide range of high end VGA boards.


Efficient cooling

Featuring 5 heatpipes and 84 fins, topped with a triple 92 mm fan, Accelero Xtreme Plus has a unmatched cooling performance of 250 watts. This brings incredible cooling performance and lowers the cards temperature dramatically. The lower card temperature increases the products life time and opens room for overclocking.

Incredibly Quiet

With three PWM-controlled 92 mm fans, Accelero Xtreme Plus cools extremely efficient yet is almost inaudibly silent. Thanks to the PWM control, the fan spins accordingly to the load generated by the GPU. This means, the fan just speeds up if necessary and will rest calm otherwise. Of course the PWM settings can be modified to get the maximum performance.


Wide compatibility

The Accelero Xtreme Plus must be combined with an additional set of heatsinks and a mounting plate. With currently five different accessory sets, the cooler offers compatibility to a number of high end VGA boards. This modular design makes it possible, to adopt the cooler even to future boards.

Compatible Models Set
ATI Radeon
6970,6950,6870,5870, 5830, 4890, 4870, 4850, 4830, 3870, 3850
nVIDIA GeForce
GTS 250, 9800GTX+, 9800GTX
285, 280, 275, 260+, 260
465, 470
580, 570, 480
460, 560 Ti


Dimensions (Packaging) 292 L x 110 W x 60 H mm
Dimensions (Product) 290 L x 104 W x 56 H mm
Fan (mm) 92 x 3 fans
Cooling Capacity (Watts) 250
Rated Fan Speed 900 - 2000 RPM, (PWM)
Noise Level (Sone) 0.5
Bearing Fluid Dynamic Bearing
Airflow 81 CFM / 138 m³/h
Limited Warranty 6 years
itemnumber DCACO-VG15G001-CS.1
UPC 0872767002531
Weight 0.8 kg



Let's have a look at the packaging!



Accelero Xtreme Plus is inside a blister package that allows the buyer to see the cooler before buying it. The first impression is one: IT IS HUGE.


From the back we can see the features and specifications.


The hardware included is not what I expected. It only has a connector, screws, an AC sticker and a users manual.Although RAM and VR heatsinks can be bought separately at a very low price, I think that there should be at least some ram heatsinks inside.


Let's have a closer look!



We can see Accelero Xtreme Plus from the top, immediately we notice the 3 fans, that make a really nice optical result with the white-black colors.


From the side,we can see that there are some fins attached to the base.This greatly increases the cooling performance.


From the other side we can see the nice sticker.


We can see the heatpipe ends here.


From the bottom we can see that there is preapplied thermal paste, and also the 5 heatpipes.


Here we can see the heatpipes


A closer look at the contact surface.


With the paste removed we can see that it is not mirror finished, but is completely straight.


Here we can see the fans removed.


A closer look at a fan, we can see the product sticker.


The Accelero Xtreme Plus without the fans.


A closer look at the central fins that are soldered to the base.


Let's see how this beast performs!



For testing I will use Sparkle Calibre X265 and the Nvidia cooler from MSI GTX260-oc edition.Also the cooler will be tested with MSI GTX-580,which has the Twin Frozr 2 cooler. The MSI GTX260 card has the stock Nvidia reference slot cooler and the Calibre a custom cooler with 4 direct touching heatpipes and 2 fans. This will show you the clear advantage of the Accelero Xtreme Plus against both the stock cooler and a better one!


Temperature readings were taken using OCCT in order to stress the card with a room temperature of 25 degrees and good airflow for the vga card.Noise levels were recorded from a distance of 20cm from the card with a high sensitivity digital SPL meter.


The heat produced from this card is :

Sparkle Calibre X265 has 236w TDP, the same as GTX280 cards, and GTX580 has 244w TDP.







As I have already said, Accelero Xtreme Plus is considered the best VGA cooler in the market, and I can verify this. It outperforms every VGA cooler I have tested both in performance and noise levels.The price is also normal for such high performance product.One more advantage is that the airflow goes right to the card and also cools all the components, not just the core like the stock cooler.

The only thing that may concern some people is the bulk size.This VGA cooler is HUGE. Of course this wasn't a problem during tests, but if you have a small pc case you should first check if it will fit!



  • High performance, the highest to be honnest
  • High quality
  • Low noise levels
  • Nice looking



  • Accessories are poor



"Simply the best of the best..."



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