Seasonic M12D 850w review
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Saturday, 07 February 2009 10:51
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Seasonic M12D 850w review
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I would like to thank Maxpoint for giving us the opportunity to make this review.

The last few years we have seen enough psu's, and there is a climate at the manufacturing companies that we have reached a point where there is nothing new to be invented, no more inovations to be made.
But it is very important for the psu companies to invest into research and development, especially if they want to belong to elit.The most recent feature invented is DC-to-DC technology, with only a few companies to use it on high-end-psu's.


DC-to-DC technoogy isn't somethink revolutionary, because always companies had 3.3v and 5v rails.But before this they used transformers.With DC-to-DC they get 3.3v and 5v rails out of a 12v rail.
Seasonic delayed long enough the M12D series, mentioning they didn't want to make the customers beta testers, so they waited until the psu's were truly ready to go out.

Today we will see the much anticipated M12D series, which of course features DC-to-DC technology.Companies like enermax have managed to have up to 90% efficiency with this technology.Also it is important to mention that seasonic has an 80 Plus Silver certification.



The appearance isn't anything special,seasonic uses the classic black design.
The psu has a length of 160mm, slightly bigger than the average psu length, but seasonic has manufactured long psu's for other companies in the past.
Except DC-to-DC technology we also have some other very interesting features like a custom Sanyo Denki fan.Psu's also are said to have a really tight regulation, and make use of only japanese made capacitors.M12D series starts from 750w and 850w, which is far beyond a high-end user demands.[/COLOR]


Today we will test the 850w model, which has two 12v rails each rated at 40A.The 3.3v rail is rated at 24A, and the 5v rail at 30A.All are great for new systems.



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