Coolermaster RealPower 620w review
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Saturday, 07 February 2009 13:00
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Coolermaster RealPower 620w review
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In this review we will see one more Coolermaster product.We have reviewed a fair amount of Coolermaster products and all have shown very good results at the tests.Today we will test the Real Power M620w power supply.Real Power series was long enough at the market, will the last addition of modular cables.The Real Power series consists of 5 psu's, ranging from 520 to 1000 watts.


I would like to thank once more Coolemaster for supplying us the samples.

Today we will have a look at the 620 watt model!   

Here we can have a look at the specifications of the psu(taken from CoolerMaster website)

The psu comes in a simple, nice package

At the rear place it even has Greek language(that's why we love you Coolermaster)

After we open it we can see the very well protected psu

Accessories include the power cable,manual,screws and warranty card

From the top we can see the fan, as long as the big Coolermaster logo.It is worth mentioning the finishing of this psu, while most of them are mat the M620 is glossy black!

From behind we can see the status indicator led, and the warm air exit

From the front we can see the modular cable plugs

From the first look, the psu seems promising.But further look at the inside, and testing will tell us the truth!

It is of course a modular psu, and all cables are sleeved

We can have a look at the wattage table

Cable lengths are:

The 24pin ATX   is 50cm
The 4/8pin ATX  is 65cm
The PCI-e         is 50cm
The peripheral cables are 80cm long

Sufficien enough, escept the ATX 24pin cable which can cause trouble in full-tower cases with the psu positioned on the bottom.These cases require at least 65cm for a proper cable management.

The fan is made by SuperRed

It is active and we can have a look at it's operation diagram

The fan is very silent at idle, but noisy at high loads.

From first sight it seems very "tight" for a 620w psu.Reasonable enough because it has 3 12v rails.Heatsinks are sufficient.We can notice the black plastic part between the heatsinks which is used to guide the air.

The filtering stage is very good, with an X capacitor,2 c-capacitors and a ferrite ring.Also the fuse is enclosed in fireproof/explosion proof material, so in case of failure other components won't be damaged.

Main capacitors are Ftec, rated at 105 and 85 degrees each.To say the truth, I never heard of this brand before...

For the testing I have used my system

Asus Striker Extreme
Intel c2d This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
2x  7950GT@sli

For max load test, I have used peltier modules to simulate the max load

Lets have a look at the results

 12 volt

 5 volt

 3.3 volt

Very stable!!!

As for the noise, at idle it was silent.But at load the fan became more noisy, and at the max load test it was very loud.I have to mention that the fan went to max rpm after ~5 minutes of max load(620 watts crossload), which in real conditions simply can't happen.

Coolermaster is used to present quality and effective solutions the last years.This exactly is the M620 psu.Effective, silent in normal use and with 5 years warranty.It is worth mentioning that the psu has an 80 Plus, and Sli ready approvals.It has a different appearance with high glossy black colour, which makes a nice set with the modular cables plugs.

+Silent at low loads

-Noisy at high loads
-Length of the ATX 24pin cable




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