MEGA 44 thermal paste round-up - Conclusion
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Sunday, 15 February 2009 22:00
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MEGA 44 thermal paste round-up
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The best thermal compound proved to be the Coollaboratory Liquid Pro, followed by IC Diamond and Noctua NT-H1.


Differences are not so noticable because all surfaces were perfectly lapped.Cpu's and heatinks don't have so well lapped contact surfaces, so the real life differences will probably be bigger.This happens because if the surfaces are very well lappe, thermal paste is just to fill tiny gaps, but if the surfaces are rough then paste has to fill much more space, and if it has not good thermal conductivity differences are more noticable. 

The purpose of this round-up was to compare the 44 pastes under the exactly same conditions to find out which one performs better.

In fact the most limiting factor is the cpu and heatsink contact surfaces, and the thermal paste by its own.A well lapped cpu heatspreader and heatsink can help to get better temperatures even and with mid-range thermal pastes.


So...if you want the best out of your cooler, you must choose one of these!


Any feedback from you is greatly appreciated, for any comments or recommendations you can contact me by using the Contact Us form.


And the awards...!


                                                                 Coollaboratory Liquid Pro

                                                      "For the highest performance and innovation"




                                                                          IC Diamond

                                                         "For high performance and innovation"





                                                                      Noctua NT-H1

                                                       "For performance and quick break-in time"







UPDATE 11/3/2009

A new round-up will follow, only with the 5 top performing pastes using numerous heat loads from 45 to 400 watts.

Stay tuned Wink Wink Unfortunately it is not possible to further test the pastes with higher thermal loads, because even watercooling cannot handle such load.


Last Updated on Saturday, 07 November 2009 11:13

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