Scythe Katana 3 -Press Release
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Tuesday, 17 March 2009 14:01
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The multi-awarded Katana 2 is now
unveiled in a further developed version. The Japanese specialist
cooling Scythe Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) publishes the Katana 3 CPU

Katana is named by the Japanese sword, Katana, which is produced in a
complicated manufacturing process which has been improved over the
centuries. Characteristic of the Japanese katana compared to European
sword types is its slightly curved shape, which also can be found in
the Scythe Katana CPU Cooler series.

So called Slant Pipe Structure (S.P.S.) of the Katana 3 CPU cooler
enables the supplied 92 mm PWM fan not only to transport away heat of
the CPU cooler but to also cool sensitive components on the

Enlarged surface of the Base Plate allows dissipating additional
heat, which is increasing the overall performance of the cooler. This
F.P.S. technology (Fast-Phase Structure) means gain of performance of
the cooler without changing the compact size of the Scythe Katana 3.

The Scythe Katana 3 CPU cooler is now available for an MSRP of $32.00
excluding TAX / €16,75 excluding VAT.



Model Name:
Katana 3 CPU Cooler

Model Number.:

Scythe Co., Ltd. Japan

Socket 478 All Speeds
Socket T / LGA775 All Speeds
Socket LGA1366 All Speeds

Socket 754 All Speeds
Socket 939 All Speeds
Socket AM2 All Speeds
Socket AM2+ All Speeds
Socket AM3 All Speeds
Socket 940 All Speeds

495 g / 15.98 oz (without accessory)

94 x 108 x 143 mm / 3.70 x 4.25 x 5.63 inch

Dimensions of Fan:
92 x 92 x 25 mm

Noise Level:
7.2 - 31.07 dBA

Air Flow:
12 - 95 m³/h = 6.7 - 55.55 CFM

Fan Speed:
300 ~ 2,500 rpm (regulated via PWM)

VTMS Mounting Clips, Thermal Grease

Material of Base Plate:
Nickel-plated copper (more information)



Easy installation without any tools

The smart and patent-pending mounting mechanism "VTMS" (Versatile Tool-Free Multiplatform System) allows mounting of Katana 3 CPU heatsink without using tools.

S.P.S. (Pipe Slant Structure)

Already developed with the first Katana, the slightly curved shape of the Katana 3 allows both the direct heat transfer from the cooling fins of the cooler as well as an additional cooling of the mainboard components.

F.P.S. (Fast-Phase Structure)

The various cooling fins on the baseplate allow an additional heat dissipation and optimize the overall performance of the cooler without changing the compact dimensions of the entire system.




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