Apacer Introduces Overclocking Triple Channel Memory Kit- Press Release
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Friday, 20 March 2009 15:44
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       Taiwan, March 20th, 2009 - Apacer, one of the world’s leading memory
module brands, introduced its all-new tri-channel overclocking memory kit.
The kit is available in three speeds: DDR3-1600/1866MHz, and even
DDR3-2000MHz that provides high performance and stability on the ASUS P6T
Deluxe platform. Regarding to the capacity there are two types of the
Apacer tri-channel overclocking memory kits: 3GB (1GBx3) and 6GB (2GBx3).

When Apacer’s tri-channel memory kit is used on the Intel(r) Core(tm) i7
platform, it is able to totally guarantee the stability of tri-channel
operation and also meet the requirements of professional gamers: high
performance and high capacity. This Intel(r) Core(tm) i7 processor is
installed with a memory controller that supports tri-channel DDR3 memory
for the first time.

In terms of the choice of memory chips, the tri-channel overclocking memory
kit introduced by Apacer continues to use the same brand and
specifications; and in terms of manufacturing, it uses the same production
process. They are directly packaged after being rigorously tested in a
tri-channel environment to ensure that the kit meets the conditions
required for tri-channel memory. All stages of the process, from the choice
of the chip, production, testing and packaging are focused on ensuring
excellent performance and stability in a tri-channel environment.

For more information, please click here
<> .

Apacer Technology Inc. is a global leader in memory module and digital
storage for both hardware and software research and development. Since the
company’s inception, Apacer’s focus on recording, reproducing and
retaining digital data of all kinds, allows our customers to“Access the
best” memory products and services. Apacer is the fifth largest
independent DRAM module supplier with a global sales and marketing network
to support distributors, OEMs, and retail customers. Apacer has built a
reputation for memory modules that offer high performance, reliability and
value. Apacer also provides some of the newest and most exciting digital
mobile entertainment devices that play, record, share and store the digital
content that is part of everyday life. For more information about Apacer,
please visit <> .

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