Coolermaster Cosmos-S review
Friday, 06 February 2009 22:44
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I would like to thank one more time Coolermaster Europe for suppliying the sample.
So here we are with the review of Coolermaster Cosmos-S


Coolermaster has a very respectable place at the pc case market, with some very attractive cases like Stacker and Cosmos RC-1000.
All Coolermaster cases are high quality and really ergonomical.Cosmos-S has arrived to shake the pc case market and place a new milestone for demanding users, mainly rof watercooling.


We can see the enormous box.

Well packaged with lots of protective material in order to arrive intact to its happy new owners

I liked the nice bag which contained the case

Everything is really well protected

The front is really nice looking
It has 10 places for drives, one for floppy:tongue:
Each one is perforated and has filter for the dust

The side aluminium open and close with a light push

Under we can see the hdd case, with the included red led fan

Here we can see how it looks on the dark

There is a touch button, and a lot of ports hidden with a sliding cover

At the dark

We can see a huge perforated plastic part which makes us very curious to see what hides from under!


More specifically there is room for a triple radiator and/or 3 12cm fans!!!

The removal procedure is really simple, just a thumb screw removal.
Radiators can be positioned both from the inside and outside the case

The top place from the inside

Immediately we see the large side perforated panel, with the dust filter

With the very attractive Cosmos-S logo

There is a 20cm fan who cools effectively every part of the pc

We can see where the psu is positioned, and the 12cm fan place.

Very high quality construction,everything included

Everything is secured to remain in position during transportation

The power supply is positioned at the bottom, with the an inteke to allow
the fan to get cold air from outside the case.This has antivibration material and a dust filter

Near there is place for a single radiator or a 12cm fan, with dust filter of course

A little higher there is place for a single radiator or a 12cm fan and 2 holes for the watercooling hoses(I would prefer 4 to support more sophisticated systems)

And the 2 holes for the watercooling hoses can be seen here(I would prefer 4 to support more sophisticated systems)

We can see the hdd case which comes with anti-vibration mechanism

The 5.25" devices can be installed tool-free thanks to the one button tool-free system.

Also the cable management space is enormous!
Dust filters are everywhere.

Plenty of room for an easy cable management.

I did like that there are some adhesive cable hooks included

We can see the air intake for the psu, ant the 12cm fan place

Box with screws,hooks,cables and the manual.


 The case is a milestone in watercooling ready cases.It can support countless radiators.

The places where we can place radiators are:

  • Top: Room for triple radiator
  • Botton:Room for single radiator
  • Rear:Room for single radiator
  • Front:Room for triple radiator 

This results in a case which can support a total of 1152cm2  area of radiators.

But this simply wasn't enough for CM, they predicted and the case has 2 holes for watercooling hoses for even more extreme systems.The only limit is the imagination of the cosmos-s owner!


Cosmos-S is a very high quality and light construction, ideal for watercooled systems with countless places for radiators.
Also very good for aircooling, but only if the user doesn't care about the noise.
This case makes you love it immediately! Makes other full tower cases like Thermaltake Kandalf look small!It is the only case that doesn't have any flaw.


+High quality construction
+Plenty of cable management room
+Dust filters everywhere
+Some details like hdd case antivibration screws and adhesive cable hoks make the difference


-Aluminium bends easilly because it is thin to save weight

-It is noisy because everything is perforated

-The side large fan conflicts with large coolers(Ultra 120,Hyper Z600) and must be removed in order for the side panel to close.

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