Nexus Value 430w review
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Friday, 27 March 2009 20:08

Nexus is a relatively new company,with a lot of high quality products. They mainly focus at low noise solutions.

Their new Value 430w psu is a very small, budget power supply that is said to be very silent and stable.There may be psu's with over 1Kw, but many users simply don't need them, and they simply want something simple, effective and silent. Let's see if Nexus Value 430w can satisfy such buyers!







Let's see the specifications and features that make this little psu unique!



Taken from Nexus website:



Space Saving

The Nexus Value 430 is an ATX form factor power supply and it will fit in any ATX form factor computer case. We have only made the VALUE 430 a bit shorter then regular ATX power supplies. The smaller size results in more space inside your pc for more/better airflow.

The Value 430 has a length of just 12.5cm. Compared to regular ATX power supplies that is 1.5cm shorter and 4 to 5,5cm shorter than modular power supplies.






Noise Level

By carefully selecting each and every component we aim at creating the best possible mix of components to make our power supplies as silent as possible. We carefully balance performance and noise level to get the best of both worlds. We confident that our power supplies are leading the market when it comes to solid performance at the lowest possible noise level.

We test the noise level of our power supplies in an ISO certified chamber. This chamber is the industry's standard for noise tests and the background noise in such a chamber is a little over 15dB(A). Any product producing lesser noise then 15dB(A) cannot be measured. The below graph shows our measurements at different loads.






We aim to use the electricity from your wall outlet as efficient as possible. The Value 430 is guaranteed to provide you with over 80% efficiency at all loads and as you can see from the graph below, the efficiency level reaches sometimes as high as 85%. Lesser waste means lesser heat and better conditions in your pc system...and a lower electricity bill.





a. Maximum continuous total DC output power should not exceed 430Watt

b. Maximum continuous combined load on +3.3V and +5V outputs should not exceed 140W.

c. Mamximum peak total DC output power should not exceed 500W.





- 430 Watt true power power supply
- a minimum of 80% efficiency guaranteed at all loads!
- Real silent performance with less then 15.0 dB(A) in idle mode
- with 4x 12V Rails 
- Sleeved cables for a tidy system
- Active PFC
- Real Silent 12cm fan
- Excellent airflow, honey-comb grill
- Full range automatic. No voltage selection has to be set
- Safety features such as: over-voltage and short-circuit  protection
- Complies to WEEE & RoHS environment directives


Sleeved cables

We want to keep things nice and tidy. Messy cables interfere too much with the airflow inside your PC and... it does not look very nice. So therefore we have sleeved all cables of this power supply with a black mesh. Nice clean and tidy.


Active PFC circuit

Power factor Correction (PFC) allows the power distribution system to operate at maximum efficiency. This does not so much influence your electricity bill but it will reduce energy consumption at the side of the power provider so it is contributing to using tour planets resources better and more carful. Active PFC is technically more complex then passive PFC and better matches the overall high quality standard of this Nexus power supply.

Full range automatic

This power supply can be used on 115VAC and 230VAC input power. Selection is automatically made so no voltage selection has to be set. Just plug and go.



 Now let's go to the packaging!


Packaging is quite simple, highlighting the features of the psu.

  Nexus Value 430


In the back we can see the features and specifications

  Nexus Value 430


Inside the psu is not so well protected, but it should not be a problem.

  Nexus Value 430


We can see that Value 430 is smaller than any other standar psu.

  Nexus Value 430


From the front we can see the hot air exhaust

Nexus Value 430


The fan a really silent active 120mm

  Nexus Value 430


At the side we can see the specifications

  Nexus Value 430


From the back there is a vetilation opening, not so good because hot air can go inside the pc case.

  Nexus Value 430


Value 430 is non-modular, but has very long and sleeved cables.

  Nexus Value 430


Let's have a look inside the Value 430!


From the first look it seems quite good if we consider that it has reduced size.Heatsinks are sufficient, and everything seems to be well designed.

Nexus Value 430


Filtering stage is located below this plastic piece, I could't see what is under it because it is glued.For sure there is one x-capacitor,one c-capacitor and a ferrite ring.

  Nexus Value 430


We can see the fuse inside fireproof/blowproof material, so in case it blows nothing else will be affected.

  Nexus Value 430


Main capacitors are Teapo, 220μF rated at 85 degrees celsius.This is the only low wattage and low priced psu I have seen with expensive and high quality capacitors!

  Nexus Value 430


The 12cm fan is made by Muhua Industrial, I have never heard of it before.I am curious how silent will it be.

  Nexus Value 430


Now the part we all want to see, testing!!!


For testing I have used my system:

Asus Striker Extreme

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600(@3.8Ghz)



For the Max Load test I have connected peltier modules in all rails in order to achieve max amperage draw from all rails(crossload).

Here are the results!














Very stable!Also the noise fact there was no sensible noise...probably the most silent psu I have ever tested.


Value 430 really amazed me!It handled load of over 500 watts for 5+ hours without any problem, also the noise was really really low even at maximum fan speed.The psu also is very small, and gives you some more room and better air flow.I didn;t like that the psu is not modular, and also the lack of manual is a minus.But we must remember it is a value power supply, and is really silent!In fact only expensive psu's like Seasonic M12D and CoolerMaster Silent Pro are silent enough like Value 430, but none of them is so silent! 




  • Silent
  • Stable
  • Small size
  • Low priced



  • Non-modular
  • No manual included 

"This is the most silent psu I ever tested in my life, Nexus did an astonishing job to prove once more their slogan "Stop the noise"."
For this reason Nexus Value 430w power supply is awarded with the Editors Choice award.
















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