NesteQ SilentFreezer 900 review
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Friday, 08 May 2009 15:43

NesteQ is a relatively new company that made its entrance to the market with some very high quality power supplies.Now NesteQ is entering the pc cooling with 2 new cpu coolers that were recently released.The new cpu coolers are SilentFreezer 900 and SilentFreezer 1200, with 90 and 120mm fans.Both have heatpipe direct touch technology, which means that heatpipes come in direct contact with the cpu.


Today we will see the SilentFreezer 900, with 90mm fan and 3 heatpipes.


Let's have a look at features and specifications!


The main features of this cooler are the 3 direct touch heatpipes and the 90mm fan.It is a mid-range cooler so it cannot outperform the best coolers like Cm V8 or V10, but we will see that it can handle the competition!


Specifications are taken from NesteQ website:


102 mm x 88 mm x 125 mm






5 ~ 12 V
Max. 0.30 mA
35.3 ~ 53.5 CFM
~1,000 RPM ± 10% [max. 2,000 RPM]
13 dB(A) ± 10%


• Intel Socket LGA775 /LGA1366(optional)
• AMD Socket AM2 / 754 / 939 / 940

Now we can see the packaging!


Packaging is very nice, from the front it mentions the main features of SilentFreezer 900, like direct touch heatpipes and fan speed controller.

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

At the back we can see the specifications

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

Accessories include everything!(manual,mounting equipment,fan speed controller,fan mounting clips,thermal paste,velcro tape,)

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

Let's take a closer look...

From the front SilentFreezer 900 is very simple, with nothing special to be mentioned

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

From the back we can see the aluminium fins.A negative is their shape because we cannot install a second fan in push-pull array.

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

Down we can see the protective sticker and the mounting mechanism

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

Detail of the base and the mounting mechanism

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

Here we can see the contact surface, and also the heatpipes

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

Let's have a look at the fan!

Fan is 90mm black, with the NesteQ logo in the center

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900 fan

There is no sticker to find out who makes this fan, and we also notice the antivibration material at the 4 corners

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900 fan

Fan is installed by simply using the 2 clips included.

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

With fan installed

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

From another point of view

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900

In order to install the cooler we simply place the plastic base on the motherboard, and press the 4 plastic pieces to secure it.  

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900 installation

Then SilentFreezer secures with the 2 hooks, not possilble at this case because it was touching the motherboard heatsinks.    

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900 installation

One more spot it touches the heatsinks

NesteQ SilentFreezer 900 installation

Testing will be done with synthetic test for more accurate results.Thermal load used are 45.6w, 136.8w  peltier modules, that simulate Idle and Load  states.

For comparisson I used Intel stock cooler as SilentFreezer 900 is a mid-range cooler not able to compete with Cooler Master V8 for example.

Let's see the results!


I can say the results are very good, high performance with low noise levels.
Big advantage is the fan speed controller that allows us to adjust the fan speed accordingly to our needs.



Despite NesteQ is new at the pc cooling, has managed to show us a great product!The only flaw of SilentFreezer 900 is the mounting system.The overall performance is exceptional, just like the price! It may not be able to beat down more expensive and high-end coolers, but we must always have in mind that it is a mid-range cpu cooler, with a great price and exceptional performance for its size.Noise is also limited at low fan speed, but at high rpms it is noticable. 


  • Nice performance for its size
  • Low noise
  • Accessories


  • Incompatibility issues 



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