Coolermaster Hyper Z600 review
Friday, 06 February 2009 22:51
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First of all I would like to thank  Coolermaster Europe for supplying the samples.


Today cpu coolers with heatpipes dominate the market, with leading the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme.
Coolermaster enters the extreme cooling solutions with a new product featuring 6 heatpipes and aluminium fins.

Did Ultra 120 Extreme found a competitor???



All data is taken from Cooler Master website:

The package from the front,

From the other side

We can see the features

Here we can see the specifications


We open the package and see the beast

We can have an overall look of the Z600




The top with the CM logo is really nice looking!

 We can see the 6 heatpipes, with a nice topology in order not to conflict with motherboards

From the side

From below we can see the protective sticker

The contact surface is very well finished

Included we can find backplates and mounting parts for Intel and Amd,bag with bolts and nuts,4 plastic pieces if we want to attach the fans and thermal paste


There is also a manual and warranty instructions




We place the 2 metal pieces to the cooler with 4 tiny screws, they are very soft and they need lots of attention!

Next we install the cooler and the backplate, and we tighten with the tool included.

Heatpipes do not conflict anywhere, there is even more space

Test rig
Asus Striker Extreme
Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
2x1gb Cellshock 1066mhz + 2x1Gb Geil 1066mhz

Testing was done with a constant room temp of 27 degrees, using arctic ceramique.The motherboard was placed in the case, with tha side panel closed to simulate real conditions.
Fans used were Nanoxia 12cm@1800rpm

Idle ->32
Load ->48

Passive oc'ed(3,4Ghz)

Single fan(2,4Ghz)

Single fan oc'ed(3,4Ghz)

Push-pull fans(2,4Ghz)

Push-pull fans oc'ed(3,4Ghz)

Goodmorning guys, I found time to make the round up I promised.

Results are pretty interesting, temps are slightly different than the first, because I have used another case.
Room temp was a constant 27 degrees, using Cermaique.
Fans used were Nanoxia 12cm@1800rpm


The size difference is obvious...


Also here we can see the very different heatpipe topology



 Single fan(stock@2,4Ghz-o/c@3,4Ghz)

 Push-pull fans(stock@2,4Ghz-o/c@3,4Ghz)

In single fan Ultra 12 extreme is 1-2 degrees better.
With 2 fans in push-pull Z600 leaves behind Ultra 120 Extreme with a difference of 1-2 degrees!

I would definitely prefer Hyper Z600 for appearance and its ability to perform well even passive.
With better air flow Z600 is better than the competition because unlikely Ultra 120 Ex heatpipes are nicely distributed and not only in two places.

+Really good performance!
+Ergonomy(heatpipes do not touch anything)
+Includes mounting equipment for 2 fans

-Too soft mounting srews
-Does not include fans




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